Step 3: Your body is a “Rolls Royce” |Nava Natural

Your body is like a “Rolls Royce”!

When we were born, we were gifted with the most advanced body. Your body is built like the Rolls Royce of Mother Nature.

Would you put cheap fuel into a Rolls Royce?
I guess not! It’s a beautiful and very expensive machine. If you have the best you will treat it best! Right?

We have the Rolls Royce, we have the body. But what are most of us doing?

Feeding it with bad, cheap fuel. Fast food, processed food fried food, artificial food, artificial colors and additives. Too much sugary and flour based foods. Too much alcohol, fat, dairy, and meat. Cigarettes, cigars, drugs and stress are all dangerous recipes that ruin your Rolls Royce.

Your body is over-working to clean all the junk and toxic out. Instead of a smooth ride, we have problems, like being overweight, cancer, eczema, psoriasis, pain, inflammation, neurological problems, physical problems, dizziness, depression, and so much more.

Do You want a smooth ride?

Yes, of coarse you do so give your body the best fuel!
Choose fresh organic food, clean from pesticide and chemicals. Eat mostly raw fruits vegetables nuts and seeds. Drink clean spring water. Do not smoke, and limit your alcohol consumption.

Your body will thank you!

You will feel so good, especially if you pamper your body with fabulous natural and organic products for a radiant skin.

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