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 Part 2: Learning how to help your body ELIMINATE Skin TOXINS, Skin DISORDERS and CANCER

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I am Nava from Nava Natural known for my fabulous skin care line and known to inspire a lot of people to transform their lifestyle from the inside out so they can enjoy a healthier, stronger, sexier body and radiant skin.

Age doesn’t matter!

In my opinion, men and women with healthy skin, look much more attractive. People who have a healthy body look stronger and younger than those who don’t.

Women, you have to admit, that men that take care of themselves look super attractive!!

Today, I’d like to show you how you can transform your body to a healthier, stronger, sexier and have radiant skin.

My products are fabulous! They make the skin soft, smooth, healthy and sexy instantly. They are fresh and simple to use, so this is why even men like to use them and still feel MANLY and SEXY.

Many of my customers have been using my products for years!!!!

Not only do they use it for themselves. They share it with their family members too. This is how simple and fabulous these products are.

Feeling good and feeling fabulous is contagious!!

My customers are people like you and me – to well known celebrities. You just get addicted to “feeling good” when you use my products .

I believe that we all deserve to live a happy and healthy life but we just need to learn how….. we live in a toxic world and consume a lot of toxic products.
It starts with the air we breath, the process food we eat, drugs & alcohol, toxic medication, and the products we put on our hair, nails and skin.

Now add the stress we live in … and here you go… a formula for a sick body.

This is why you see more and more people with sicknesses. Airborne Toxins aids to premature aging, hair loss, wrinkles, dry skin, pain and cancer.

Many times what we think is good for us is really not.

Now, what do you need to do to make your body healthier and your skin sexier???

1. Start using Nava Natural’s Skin Care products for your face and body.

  • Trust me on this one. They are simple, fresh, natural and they will make you feel just fabulous!!

I hope that you have tried at least one of my products, and I believe that after you watch this video you will want to try more!!

It is contagious..It is for a lifetime.

  • Now, it is not enough to work on the outside only. You need to enhance your body from the inside. This is the foundation for beautiful skin and healthy life!!

2. My tip for today is that you have to start eliminating toxic from your body. You can do it by using our detox kit.

  • Our detox kit will accompany your diet of raw fruits and veggies.

3. Start with a green juice, lemon, ginger, kale, parsley, celery, green apple to clean your kidneys.

  • Yes, they need all the help you can give them. When kidneys are weak your body get sick!!
  • Eat fresh fruits & salads as your morning rejuvenating breakfast. It will clean your colon and give you so much energy to start your day. It’s better than coffee.
  • Fruits and Vegetables have flavanoids, vitamins and sugar to lift you up!! Your eyes will open wide… and you will see the beauty of life right there in the glass of juice you are drinking from or the colorful bowl of fruits you are eating from.

Why does it Matter??

The power of mother nature is huge… and it is right on your hands. By looking at your fresh drink and colorful food you know it is pure powerful energy to keep you healthy and full of vitality, so your body can do what it needs to do and you can do what you love to do.

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It’s for a lifetime it’s timeless.

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